House | The fun begins

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I can’t believe it, we are almost 13 weeks away from our little girls arrival and there is still so much to do! With that in mind (and the fact my body doesn’t cope the best with pregnancy) the husband has taken time off from his degree to get things sorted.

So its time to get organised and plan out the jobs list.

First task is to set up a cleaning schedule. I have always been one to do the big one day house clean but with all we have going on there just isn’t the time to keep doing it this way.

So I am going to try the divide and conquer approach with set daily chores and one big task a day, we will see if this system can get my house clean and organised while still leaving me time with the family.

LULA Sway | Cleaning Scedule


Pineapple | 23 Weeks


Eeek 23 weeks! I honestly can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going. With two little men to chase after its no wonder the time is flying by.

I am still in total shock that we have our little baby girl on board. After having the two boys its exciting to think of the new adventures we will be going on with our little family.

And speaking of excited the pink invasion has already started with these beautiful little outfits from Cotton Kids & Pumpkin Patch that my Mum bought for Pineapple. I must admit I never thought I would love to see some pink outfits but after the boys I am welcoming some softer touches.