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I can’t believe it, we are almost 13 weeks away from our little girls arrival and there is still so much to do! With that in mind (and the fact my body doesn’t cope the best with pregnancy) the husband has taken time off from his degree to get things sorted.

So its time to get organised and plan out the jobs list.

First task is to set up a cleaning schedule. I have always been one to do the big one day house clean but with all we have going on there just isn’t the time to keep doing it this way.

So I am going to try the divide and conquer approach with set daily chores and one big task a day, we will see if this system can get my house clean and organised while still leaving me time with the family.

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House | Almost there



Welcome! I guess this really should have been my first post but I have never been one to do things in the correct order all the time.
So let me introduce myself properly. My name is Jessica and I am blessed with an amazing husband, two gorgeous little boys and a little girl on the way.
For the past seven years we have been living in and slowly renovating our little cottage and we are fast approaching the end of the major renovations. Yay!
I was just reading a post written by Megan on The Fresh Exchange  about their house hunting adventures and it made me think back to our experience.
We bought our house with my heart and not our heads. We opted against the unit in an inner city suburb of Brisbane for a cottage in Ipswich as we wanted to be able to have pets and we wanted something to renovate. We saw so much potential and the price was right, but looking back I just wish I had the knowledge that I do now.
So after all this time and effort and so many plans changed and aborted we are almost done with the major renovation work of our tiny two bedroom cottage. Once that is done we just need to finish a few things off and properly decorate each space and then we can hopefully sell up and move back to Brisbane in the next year or so.
But I must say getting inspired by this house again is a hard thing for me as I am just so ready to move on with our life.
So off to Pinterest I go for room update inspiration and I will share with you all the room updates as we go.